Credit Report Authorization

Effective Date: Jan 1, 2022

By clicking "Agree and Check Eligibility" and continuing with the eligibility check process, you understand and agree that you are authorizing GIANT AIBI to obtain consumer reports and related information about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as Clarity.

You also authorize GIANT AIBI to verify information in your on-line eligibility check form, and you agree that GIANT AIBI may contact third parties to verify any such information. You direct GIANT AIBI to use your consumer reports to authenticate your identity, to make credit decisions, and for other related purposes.

You expressly authorize GIANT AIBI to obtain consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies about you when you apply for a loan and periodically throughout the term of your loan, including in the month following the month when you pay off or otherwise satisfy the loan. You expressly authorize GIANT AIBI to use the information that we obtain from such reports to, among other things, market other products to you, make decisions related to the servicing and collection of your account, measure how the loan you obtained from GIANT AIBI impacts your credit, perform other statistical analysis, and share information with you about your credit profile.